Thursday, June 24, 2010

Secrets of life...

We all have secrets.
Sometimes we brake one of our principles. Sometimes with a reason sometimes without.
But that's no reason to think your life ends there. Sometimes you need to fall of a cliff to find out it was'nt so deep.
But as long you do'nt die or break both you leggs. you're gonna be ok.

We need secrets cause without life is useless. All excitment dissapears and we loose the will to keep going.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Haaaa, the summer, The time when the birds start to live again and the nature comes up out of the earth and calls us.
The time when whe trekkers fill our backpacks and head out in to the wilderness where we forget about the world that fools us in believing that going forward is the only good option. When the wild takes us and carries away our souls to a world wich I love and embrace.

Now let's talk logistics: This summer i'm gonna walk the belgian coast it will be about 70-80 km. I tend to do it in 5 days but I gonna take 7 days so I can take day of rest, or just a day of lazyness.

I'm gonna hold log of the travel and translate parts of it ( or all of it) and post it here.
My plan is to go with the tent and walk from camping to camping. I hope to cover about max 20 km a day. It might sound (no, it is) very understated. But start small thay say ha?

Now come all the planning and maybe some small training. Till next time.