Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preparation routes

Now I will talk about the routes I wanna hike (before i go to sweden). You could see them as training. But for me they are just some nice hikes, fun time.

The Belgian coast.
I did it last year by bike, It took me 3 days. Wich is quite long for 84 kilometers.
I hope doing it (by foot) in max 5 days. I'll post up here the travelbook.

The GR15(Belgian part) .
This is a route in the belgian hills. Very varied, and nice ups and downs (literally). 200 km. A longer hike for me.

A self-planned route in southern Netherlands ( called Zeeuws-vlaanderen). Like maybe 10 days max in the summer.

That are the routes i think off right now.
More will come.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter anorak

I recently found this website
They talked about the Cotton Anorak(here).

Very nice design, but it's not likely I will need it the next years. After a long search i found Empire Canvas Works . They sell the Anorak for $ 315 . That's like € 236, NOT cheap.
I like the idea of there Flex fit system. I can cut it to my own size, nice.
That's just like the trousers from Fjällräven. I love this idea, espacially with my size . i have very long legs and arms. So it's handy. You get it.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going to the shop...

I went today to the shop asking for some info about:

I already decide i'm gonna choose between a Deuter or a Macpac.

If I choose Deuter, it will be the Aircontact PRO 60+15 :

Weight: 3200 g
Volume: 60+15 l + 10 l (sidepockets)
Size: 84 cm / 36 cm / 28 cm (H/B/T)
Material: Ballistic / HexLite 210 / Duratex

  • Top part is detachable so it can be used as a small backpack.
  • Front Zipper (i'm really messy, so that's nice).
  • Grey strips at the front helps me loading material at the front.
  • One downpoint is that it has a lot of straps and clicks. Looks messy.
  • Side pockets that can be used for somekind of Camelbak.

I really like this one because it has a front zipper.
I actually wanted the 55+15 L size but the guy from the shop told me it is better to have a bit bigger for wintertrekking for wich you need bigger backpacks. (more stuff and clothes) Also the two grey "strips" at the front helps me binding material up there (sleeping pads).

The Macpac winner is the Cascade 75 FL.


Size: S2, S3, S4
Harness: Liberator™
Capacity: 7 5, 80, 85lt
Weight: 3.15, 3.30, 3.45kg
Fabric: AzTec®
Colour: Dusky Blue, Cardinal, Black

  • Real nice design BUT, no front zipper.
  • They say it's real waterproof, actually a friend of mine has one and say it is indeed extremely waterproof.
  • An elastic at the front also allows me to load a sleeping pad at the front.
  • Less straps so looks less messy

Now comes another question to my mind: Is it Really necessary to have a "big" backpack.
I now have a 55/65 l Wilsa outdoor backpack:
It's nice but:

  • No Front zipper
  • Useless and even irritating big sidepockets
  • It has a few small holls in it
  • No adjustable back system.
  • Very bad design
  • And (I think) not good size for me. It sits quite high on my back.
I never tried it out for serious hikes ( + 5 days) . So I better try to pack it up for like a 14 day hike and see or everything fits in it.

I also could buy a small backpack from like 40-45 liter. Then I should buy all the lightest gear and that whould cost me a lot but really light ha?
But than it wouldn't be able for some wintertrekking. They also told me that with height ( i'm like 1,87 meter high) it is better to have a bigger backpack. Also when I wanna go on wintercamping i whould need a pulka. (hmmm I like this idea). We will see.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Tents and neighbour

The day before yesterday (17/4/2010) I went to the biggest tent show of Belgium. It was real nice to finally see some tents alive: Here is my Top 3 favorite tents:
- The Hilleberg Akto:

€ 479
I really likes this tent. I heard lot about Hilleberg. All of them where positive. The only thing I heard that was a bit negative about it was that it has alot of condensation.
Very spacy , a real all-season tent and very light. Very easy to setup because this tent has only 1 pole in its construction.

Weight: 1,6 kg
Pro's: Light, Real strong, Nice design, Roomy
Con's: Very wide pitching lines
Based upon review

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 or Nallo 2 GT
Nallo: € 629 Nallo GT: € 729
I choose this tent because I maybe want a two person tent for in the future. You never now what might happen. But I like it because you have alot of space, and it is also perfect if you need a cold well. Also very nice Design. The difference between the Nallo and the Nallo GT is that the GT has an extra vestibule. (this is the one in the picture)

Weight: 2,2 kg - 2,7 kg
Pro's: Fits 2 persons, much space for stuff
Cons: A bit heavier for 1 person, More poles so a bit more "difficult" to setup

The Fjällräven Sälka 1-2

± € 449 (Don't know the price exactly)
I just love this brand. It's also swedish and they have designs you cannot see any else where. This is the follow up of the Foxlite 1-2. Only there is more space. The Big plus for me is that I can sleep alone in it but it can fit JUST an extra person. So its not really an 1 or 2 person tent.

Weight: 3 kg
Pro's : For 1 and 2 persons, very roomy
Con's: heavy

I talked yesterday (18/4/2010) to my neighbour. Here son went to africa for like a year. She told me if I can't go now for a travel, I really shouldn't forget it. She told me to keep int in the back in my head, keep planning and gathering info. Good advice.

Wolves have no king,