Friday, May 21, 2010

A little look inside my head.

Should I go? I sounds so wonderfull to just get my stuff ready and leave. But unfortunately traveling needs MONEY. It is hard to hear about other people traveling and not being able to do it yourselve. It's not that i don't have any money but its more that I don't wanna spent all the money my parents saved for me over the years. It's also really expensive. But if I could divide the price between more people it whould save me a lot. hmmm... A good reason to get into a relationship. Or maybe just a traveling mate, nothing personal (lol). I wonder how other people do this. Offcourse I could do volunteer work and so get cheaper to a land.
My head is getting in overdrive... AAAAAAHHHH

Wolves have no King...


Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Stuff 1...

I've talked about the stuff I like to have or do. Now lets talk about the stuff I have now. A little review. In the next coming blogs I will talk about the stuff I own.

1) Coleman Kraz™ X¹ Tent.

Weight: 1,6 kg
Flysheet: 210T polyester ripstop, PU 4000 mm
Floor: 190T nylon taffeta, PU 5000 mm
Repair kit included

A very nice tent. Lovely colours and roomy sleeping-compartment.
High enough to sit in.
If your a bit structured you can cook in it.
It sets-up real easy and quick. It only uses 2 U-poles and I think 10 pegs.

Some negative points:
Small and low vestibule. (BIG problem for me)
Only 3-season tent.

I slept in it for 1 night at a campsite at sea. Had a very nice night aside from the loud road next to the campsite. There was a lot of condensation between the inner and outer tent, but it didn't drip on me, so no problem. I really like that there is like +10 cm between the inner and outer tent. So when condensation collects on the inside of the tent it has no chance of getting to the inner tent.

Sadly I have not tested in it during the rain or strong wind. But it looks (and most importantly) feels very sturdy.

So in short, Very nice tent. But to bad that the vestibule is so small. I really irritates me. It's possible to live in it, but only if you have structure.

Next one will be about my Trangia stove


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love Norway...

I've recently found out about this guy: Lars Monsen.

He is a Nordic journalist who spent his life making trips and movies about it.
He is mostly known for 2 trips:
1) Living for 365 days above the arctic circle
2) Crossing the northern of canada on feet or with dogsled (it took him a freaking 2 years and 7 months)
I found the subtitles for the first one and it is FA-SCI-NA-TING.
You can download them LEGALLY and EASY via Torrent just click the ne xt link: NRKBeta.
There are even subtitles (english) click again here:

Really funny and very intresting. I whould love to do that, have the money and just go....