Monday, May 30, 2011

Big buy Review: Silva Nomad ( digital compass)

Next review: I found this little thingy in a bin at the sale.

It is a digital compass. This one is from before the time GPS was build-in every freakin device. So before using it one must calibrate it. That made me a bit sceptic. But I calibrated it and got out my old fashioned compass and I don't see a real big difference.

Some features:
  • Fix to certain grade and see how much you are deviate.
  • Use the opposite grade so you can walk exactly back.
  • Backlight.
One drawback is that you need to calibrate it and you do this by rotating it. And I just don't trust it. But If I disappear during my next trip. You people know why...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big buy Review: The North face rain pants (Flight series)

Prophecy Rain pants
(Not anymore in most stores)
This simple but very light buddy is amazing. It is just so light. The first times I wore them I almost forgot I had them on.
It has 2 big zippers down the side, wich are great for ventilation.
Also if it is raining and I need to put them on quickly those zippers come in very handy.


Just great and fantastically lightweight. Love them!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big buy!!!!

Recently there was a big sale of outdoor stuff at my work. And I mean a really, really big sale. Prices like 15 euro and less. So what did I bought:
  1. The Katadyn pocket Filter**(Site)
  2. Steripen Adventurer (with Accompanying solarpanel)**(Site)
  3. Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent**
  4. 2 The North face Polo's
  5. A The North face rain pants (Paclite series)*(Review)
  6. Solarmio 31 Solar panel** (Site)
  7. 2 Flexfoil kites (1.7 m² and 3.3 m²)** (Site)
  8. A Fjällräven Pants (in orange, hell yeah)* (Review)
  9. A quick-connection-set to fill my camelbak through the drinking hose with the Katadyn Pocket.**(Site)
  10. The Tilley TH4 hat.** (Site)
  11. A digital compass from silva* (Review)
  12. Outdoor Design Assault Bivi**
  13. Snowpeak Collapsable Chopsticks* (Site) (Review)
  14. A Trekking Capuccinomaker
  15. The Campingaz Lumostar lamp* (Site) (Review)
  16. A Dromlite 4l (Site)
  17. The North face Flyweight duffel bag (Site)
  18. Pacsafe 120l (Site)
  19. A Windscreen**
    (*= Will be reviewed soon //**= Will be reviewed as soon as it gets properly tested)

That's about it. I think I bought a lot of good things.
The first review will be posted before the end of the month.