Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Buy Review x3: Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent, Solarmio 31 Solar panel and 2 Flexfoil Sting kites

So it is time to finally get something going on this blog. And what is better than 3 reviews.
So let's go:

1. The Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent
This tent isn't available anymore. I can't even find it on jack wolfskin's site.
But here we go:
Weight: 2,34 Kg
This is quite ok for a 2 person tent. But as with all 2 person tents, there just isn't enough space for 2 persons plus 2 backpacks.
But I slept in it on my own. And it is just spacious and nice. I even had space for cooking in my front-tent.

However there are some drawbacks:
  • You get quite a big gap under the door if you use the original pole.
    This can be solved by using a walking pole, but they are mostly heavier and the gap helps with ventilation.
  • If you use it as a solo tent it is still heavy.
  • If you set it up as jack wolfskin tells you, the inner and outer layer will touch wich is never good.

So if you cycle alot and weight isn't to big of an issue. It is perfect for you.

2. Solarmio 31 Solar Panel

This handy, but not-so-little solar panel comes in quite handy.
It is quite heavy, but in car travel or Long distance biking it is just perfect.

It can't break and it is compatible with a lot of mobile phones.
Unfortunately it isn't compatible wit both my phones. But there is a silver lining for the more recent phones. It uses a USB-port as output. So even iphone, ipod and a lot of other things can easily be loaded.

The biggest minus will be: Not compatible with all phones and it is costly to order another one.
Also it would been nice if the powerbank had a bigger capacity.

3. Flexfoil Sting Kite (both 2,7 and 3,3 m²)

I bought this two nice kites for only €50. (Normally both of them cost like € 220 each).
The first time I used them I was suprised how easy they were to handle. Once you get the lines attached, it is so easy to get it up in the air.

Okay, you need some space the first time you want to attach the lines. But after that it is easy as pie.

One thing you need to know is, you got to watch out in stronger winds with big kites. you really have to use all your strength to keep it from flying away than.

Good luck


Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Buy Review: Lumostar Plus PZ

This simple gaslamp is just great.
I only had one problem: The piezo broke down. So i simply removed it. So now it is just a Lumostar plus.
Everything else works great. I used it 10 days long and it worked great.Nothing else to say.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Buy Review: Snowpeak Collapsable Chopsticks

A short review. This handy little thingy is just stylish. I can think of two reasons why i should use this:
1. Traveling through china. And don't trusting the local cuttlery.
2. To show off. (wich can be fun)

But they simply do there job and are lightweight.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Buy Review: Fjällräven Khilok Trousers

It's time to do another BBR (Big Buy Review).
This is one of my favorites: The Khilok Mt Trousers.
I had so much luck that I found this one.
These pants are just simple but extremly good.

  • They weigh almost nothing.
  • They're orange.
  • It has a security pocket
  • Fast drying
  • Breathing
There is nothing more to say.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Big buy Review: Silva Nomad ( digital compass)

Next review: I found this little thingy in a bin at the sale.

It is a digital compass. This one is from before the time GPS was build-in every freakin device. So before using it one must calibrate it. That made me a bit sceptic. But I calibrated it and got out my old fashioned compass and I don't see a real big difference.

Some features:
  • Fix to certain grade and see how much you are deviate.
  • Use the opposite grade so you can walk exactly back.
  • Backlight.
One drawback is that you need to calibrate it and you do this by rotating it. And I just don't trust it. But If I disappear during my next trip. You people know why...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big buy Review: The North face rain pants (Flight series)

Prophecy Rain pants
(Not anymore in most stores)
This simple but very light buddy is amazing. It is just so light. The first times I wore them I almost forgot I had them on.
It has 2 big zippers down the side, wich are great for ventilation.
Also if it is raining and I need to put them on quickly those zippers come in very handy.


Just great and fantastically lightweight. Love them!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big buy!!!!

Recently there was a big sale of outdoor stuff at my work. And I mean a really, really big sale. Prices like 15 euro and less. So what did I bought:
  1. The Katadyn pocket Filter**(Site)
  2. Steripen Adventurer (with Accompanying solarpanel)**(Site)
  3. Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent**
  4. 2 The North face Polo's
  5. A The North face rain pants (Paclite series)*(Review)
  6. Solarmio 31 Solar panel** (Site)
  7. 2 Flexfoil kites (1.7 m² and 3.3 m²)** (Site)
  8. A Fjällräven Pants (in orange, hell yeah)* (Review)
  9. A quick-connection-set to fill my camelbak through the drinking hose with the Katadyn Pocket.**(Site)
  10. The Tilley TH4 hat.** (Site)
  11. A digital compass from silva* (Review)
  12. Outdoor Design Assault Bivi**
  13. Snowpeak Collapsable Chopsticks* (Site) (Review)
  14. A Trekking Capuccinomaker
  15. The Campingaz Lumostar lamp* (Site) (Review)
  16. A Dromlite 4l (Site)
  17. The North face Flyweight duffel bag (Site)
  18. Pacsafe 120l (Site)
  19. A Windscreen**
    (*= Will be reviewed soon //**= Will be reviewed as soon as it gets properly tested)

That's about it. I think I bought a lot of good things.
The first review will be posted before the end of the month.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Back from a 4 day Trip: Sock Review.


I am back from a 4 day trip.
It was sunny and warm (34-38°C at noon). Non rain and I walked around 100 km. (in about 3,5 days)
I tried out 2 different brands of socks. Here is the review:

1) The Smartwool Midweight Hiking Socks
These great socks are made of 74% merino wool. And like we all know (or most of us) wool products are just splendid.
  1. They breath very well.
  2. They isolate just amazingly good.
  3. You don't faint everytime you take your foot out your shoe..
But I found out one drawback.
  1. They aren't so strong. After washing and using them for 2 times, they started to loose some fluffyness.

Now there is no reason to panic and loose hope: I bought another pair.

2) The Bridgedale Endurance Trekker

These socks are amazing. They are a blend of 41% New Wool
37% Nylon/polyamide
21% Endurofil™/polypropylene
1% Lycra®/elastane

  1. There is less wool in it.
  2. They are a bit warmer.
  3. Just fit amazing.

  1. A bit sweaty and warm.
  2. They kinda stink after you a day.

End decision:
I tested both of them in hot sweaty environment. And what did I think.
Well my feeling and thought goes toward Bridgedale . Why?
They just fit me so well, and they are just good enough
Although I must admit that the Smartwool kept me much better ventilated.
But still I prefer Bridgeldale, they just ar so strong.


Monday, March 7, 2011

365 days...

Only 2 weeks and this blog exists 1 year!!!
Time to look to the past AND future.

First off all I told i was gonna buy a new backpack. Well I have ordered one, but it's not a deuter or a macpac. Well what is it?? Here i go:
I ordered a Kajka from Fjällräven:
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Materiaal: Vinylon F
  • System: Perfect Fit
  • Total weight: 2900 g
  • Webbing: Nylon
  • Volume: Approx 75 liter
  • Zips: YKK

Some nice things about it:

  1. It has a special pocket for your water bottle. You can reach easily for it.
  2. It is made from a really strong fabric.
  3. and what I really like: It has a special wet compartment. You can put in wet clothing and it will stay ventilated and will keep drying!!!
Here is video from the makers.

What I did this year:
  1. I went to the coast. I hiked a bit but I returned for a job (wich I now do fulltime).
  2. I bought a Fleece and softshell (reviews coming up)
  3. I decided that I am not going to scotland this year. But I am going the summer of 2012. Scotland or South-Sweden.

What do I have planned the next 365 days:

  1. Review Hiking socks (coming in April)
  2. Hike the complete Belgian-coast. Not just part of it. :-p
  3. Review my new backpack (coming VERY soon, propably a video).
Now that was it.

See you guys (:-D) next time,


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sanyo Review

I bought this camera mostly for on travel.
But it is just real goood

720 HD. wich works real good, it gives a really good picture. As it says it is indeed waterproof. (for 1 hour at 1.5M atleast :-D).
Very nice color when lighting is good.
But when you go above ISO 200 it gets grainy and a lot of loss of quality.

See here for a a small test video:

It is small and perfect.
But because it's small it has sometimes shaky pictures
Thats all


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello everybody (if somebody is reading this),

I got myselve a camcorder. Mostly for filming travels but also for some video reviews. Normally it will arrive this week.
Oh, and by the way it's the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA9.

It is very compact and waterproof ( to a depth of 1,5m). I really like this cause this means I don't have to worry if it gets a bit wet while filming in the rain.
But enough about this camcorder. I will post something review like after i tested it a few days.

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