Thursday, August 12, 2010

My stuff 2...

As promised a review about my Trangia cooking Stove.
- 860 grams
- Aluminium
- Ultralight Hardanodized Aluminium
- Non-Stick

This is a great Cooking stove.
It is build by a swedish company who make this exact design since 1925.
The only difference are the materials these days.

The basic principle is that you cook on Ethanol or Methanol.

It is possible to cook below -10°C if you prime it and it has no moving parts so it almost impossible to break down. You can cook in it if you plan a bit.
It's real easy and simple. You can buy Ethanol or Methanol in every scandinavian shop in every village. Good for me ;-). It may even works with strong vodka or anything else that has a high alcohol percentage. (above 70° is real minimum, above 90° is better)

Now the down points:
- Uses a bit much fuel in cold weather.
- You can't adjust the flame that much.
- if you go to real cold weather (polar like) it won't work. Than you can better use Gasoline in special stoves.

But after all I love it so much. It's easy ,just so simple and so sturdy. Used it a lot of times and always did it do the job. Perfect and amazing.


PS: Just BUY it :-D

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