Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review:Sleeping Bag millet Baikal 1000

After some downtime I am back.
And as promised: The review for the Baikal 1000.

I bought this bag end October. I first wanted to buy the Baikal 750 but the nice lady in the shop told me it was not a good allround bag, more a summer bag.
So after some thinking I walked out with this beauty.

It weighs 1 kilo and has a lenght of 185 cm.
I used it for 1 week continuously. And it did its job pretty well. I felt no cold and was really comfortable. The average temprature at night must have been between 5°C and 0°C.
Millet claims it will easily withstand temperatures of 3°C and it truly does.
The only small problem is that it is a tight fit. I am just (but really just) big enough.
But that's personal.

I haven't done a in-field test but that will come later in the year 2011.

This sleeping bag is just a good bag that does its job. A fine and light bga that is ideal for hiking.

I can't wait until i get it into the field.


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