Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big buy!!!!

Recently there was a big sale of outdoor stuff at my work. And I mean a really, really big sale. Prices like 15 euro and less. So what did I bought:
  1. The Katadyn pocket Filter**(Site)
  2. Steripen Adventurer (with Accompanying solarpanel)**(Site)
  3. Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent**
  4. 2 The North face Polo's
  5. A The North face rain pants (Paclite series)*(Review)
  6. Solarmio 31 Solar panel** (Site)
  7. 2 Flexfoil kites (1.7 m² and 3.3 m²)** (Site)
  8. A Fjällräven Pants (in orange, hell yeah)* (Review)
  9. A quick-connection-set to fill my camelbak through the drinking hose with the Katadyn Pocket.**(Site)
  10. The Tilley TH4 hat.** (Site)
  11. A digital compass from silva* (Review)
  12. Outdoor Design Assault Bivi**
  13. Snowpeak Collapsable Chopsticks* (Site) (Review)
  14. A Trekking Capuccinomaker
  15. The Campingaz Lumostar lamp* (Site) (Review)
  16. A Dromlite 4l (Site)
  17. The North face Flyweight duffel bag (Site)
  18. Pacsafe 120l (Site)
  19. A Windscreen**
    (*= Will be reviewed soon //**= Will be reviewed as soon as it gets properly tested)

That's about it. I think I bought a lot of good things.
The first review will be posted before the end of the month.



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