Monday, May 5, 2014

Bohusleden: Overview

This is a basic Review from  the part of Bohusleden I hiked in 2012. I Hiked from Göteborg-Backamo.

This is very varied but has quite a lot of medium hills. So expect to burn quite alot of calories going up and back down them.
You will also hike a few times through some Fresh cut Forests.
If you go as we went around August-September you have chance it will rain and that creates a lot of mud. So Gaiters is not a luxury. We where happy we had them.

Sleeping Accomodations:
 You will see a lot of huts where you can rest/sleep. But bring something to hang in front of the door opening since non of them have a door (we used our tent)
If you have a tent you're never far from a flat piece of land where you can pitch your it.
Even hammock-campers will easily find trees to use.
There are trekking motels in Göteborg, Kungälv and Backamo.

In Göteborg you have Naturekompaniet and a lot of grocery stores. So there you can easily buy fuel and food.
On the trail we passed a big grocery store just before Küngalv. But for the rest you might see in the bigger villages a Fritids-store where sometimes they sell some dried food.
We bought all our food before hand so we had no problem. But it made for heavy packs.

Water you can get from most lakes (you will pass enough of them). Don't take it from streams because they are not always so clean.


Well, most of the time the forest will do for toilet use. Just bury the waste deep enough.
To clean yourselve and clothes you can use water from the lakes but don't dump your soap water back into the lake (even the biodegradable ones). Think about the enviroment, people!!!

Around The time I went (late agust- early september) You can have a bit of rain sometimes. Also the nightly temperatures can be a bit cold. But if your sleeping system can handle (comfort) 0°C you will be warm. But bring a beanie for when it does get cold.

That's a basic review.


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