Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preparation routes

Now I will talk about the routes I wanna hike (before i go to sweden). You could see them as training. But for me they are just some nice hikes, fun time.

The Belgian coast.
I did it last year by bike, It took me 3 days. Wich is quite long for 84 kilometers.
I hope doing it (by foot) in max 5 days. I'll post up here the travelbook.

The GR15(Belgian part) .
This is a route in the belgian hills. Very varied, and nice ups and downs (literally). 200 km. A longer hike for me.

A self-planned route in southern Netherlands ( called Zeeuws-vlaanderen). Like maybe 10 days max in the summer.

That are the routes i think off right now.
More will come.


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