Monday, September 13, 2010

Young Pup Hike 2: Day 1

"Next blog is from my logbook"

Day 1

Breakfeast: At home
Train: 06.25 am -> 09.15 am
Target: Campsite "De zeester" (Sea star)
Arrival at Target: 3.41 pm
Dinner: Bread, cheese and Gingerbread
Supper: Spaghetti, green peppers, bacon, Mozzarella.

From the moment I s
tepped out of the train i was wet. Good I brought that Poncho.
I started walking and singing some unknown song. I had a really great time

Done much walking today. I was so happy when I got to t
he Campsite. It was really nice that everything went as I planned out.
Accept for the rain. But I just
bought a new Poncho and it did its job really good. And thanks to the Fjällräven Oswego Shirt I actually stayed well ventilated. I LOVE THIS BRAND!!!!!!!

I might have walked a bit to fast and hard because my feet felt just so bad. As i was building my tent I found out I forgot my kite. Now I was at the sea and no kite! I was sad for a moment.

The cooking wasn't easy, but that is because my tent was to small and it was raining. To be honest it was very calm, I saw maybe 50 people in total this day. Thanks to the rain mostly.

Half way I walked true a nature park, it was Really amazing. So nice views and very pretty terrain. I loved it. One of the best parts of the Hike.

What did I learned: Never,ever, ever ,ever take out a card during the rain!!!!!!
I will post Day 2 Shortly,

Wolves Have No King.


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