Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Young Pup Hike 3: Day 2

Breakfeast: Bread, Cheese and cactus thea
Departure: 8.50 am
Target: Blankenberge
Arrival at Target: Didn't got there
Dinner: cakes and water
Supper: At home

Woke up at 8 am. First I putted the kettle on and and start to break up my tent. Had some breakfeast and got going.

Halfway the next city i got a phone for a job the next day.
So Instead of going to Blankenberge, I went to the train station and got to Home. ( eveything for a job, wright?)

So my vacation was shortened quite a bit but I'm happy with this first job offer.
Mostly My back and shoulders hurt. The pain in my shoulders is mostly because I have the wrong size of backpack. I am gonna buy a new one.

Maybe it wil be the Abisko from Fjällräven. Or maybe the Deuter I wrote about some earlier this year. We'll see.
I will plan a bigger trip So finally I can do decent trip. But I have work :-D

Wolves have no king,


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