Monday, March 7, 2011

365 days...

Only 2 weeks and this blog exists 1 year!!!
Time to look to the past AND future.

First off all I told i was gonna buy a new backpack. Well I have ordered one, but it's not a deuter or a macpac. Well what is it?? Here i go:
I ordered a Kajka from Fjällräven:
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Materiaal: Vinylon F
  • System: Perfect Fit
  • Total weight: 2900 g
  • Webbing: Nylon
  • Volume: Approx 75 liter
  • Zips: YKK

Some nice things about it:

  1. It has a special pocket for your water bottle. You can reach easily for it.
  2. It is made from a really strong fabric.
  3. and what I really like: It has a special wet compartment. You can put in wet clothing and it will stay ventilated and will keep drying!!!
Here is video from the makers.

What I did this year:
  1. I went to the coast. I hiked a bit but I returned for a job (wich I now do fulltime).
  2. I bought a Fleece and softshell (reviews coming up)
  3. I decided that I am not going to scotland this year. But I am going the summer of 2012. Scotland or South-Sweden.

What do I have planned the next 365 days:

  1. Review Hiking socks (coming in April)
  2. Hike the complete Belgian-coast. Not just part of it. :-p
  3. Review my new backpack (coming VERY soon, propably a video).
Now that was it.

See you guys (:-D) next time,


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