Friday, April 22, 2011

Back from a 4 day Trip: Sock Review.


I am back from a 4 day trip.
It was sunny and warm (34-38°C at noon). Non rain and I walked around 100 km. (in about 3,5 days)
I tried out 2 different brands of socks. Here is the review:

1) The Smartwool Midweight Hiking Socks
These great socks are made of 74% merino wool. And like we all know (or most of us) wool products are just splendid.
  1. They breath very well.
  2. They isolate just amazingly good.
  3. You don't faint everytime you take your foot out your shoe..
But I found out one drawback.
  1. They aren't so strong. After washing and using them for 2 times, they started to loose some fluffyness.

Now there is no reason to panic and loose hope: I bought another pair.

2) The Bridgedale Endurance Trekker

These socks are amazing. They are a blend of 41% New Wool
37% Nylon/polyamide
21% Endurofil™/polypropylene
1% Lycra®/elastane

  1. There is less wool in it.
  2. They are a bit warmer.
  3. Just fit amazing.

  1. A bit sweaty and warm.
  2. They kinda stink after you a day.

End decision:
I tested both of them in hot sweaty environment. And what did I think.
Well my feeling and thought goes toward Bridgedale . Why?
They just fit me so well, and they are just good enough
Although I must admit that the Smartwool kept me much better ventilated.
But still I prefer Bridgeldale, they just ar so strong.


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