Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Buy Review x3: Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent, Solarmio 31 Solar panel and 2 Flexfoil Sting kites

So it is time to finally get something going on this blog. And what is better than 3 reviews.
So let's go:

1. The Jack Wolfskin Tarp tent
This tent isn't available anymore. I can't even find it on jack wolfskin's site.
But here we go:
Weight: 2,34 Kg
This is quite ok for a 2 person tent. But as with all 2 person tents, there just isn't enough space for 2 persons plus 2 backpacks.
But I slept in it on my own. And it is just spacious and nice. I even had space for cooking in my front-tent.

However there are some drawbacks:
  • You get quite a big gap under the door if you use the original pole.
    This can be solved by using a walking pole, but they are mostly heavier and the gap helps with ventilation.
  • If you use it as a solo tent it is still heavy.
  • If you set it up as jack wolfskin tells you, the inner and outer layer will touch wich is never good.

So if you cycle alot and weight isn't to big of an issue. It is perfect for you.

2. Solarmio 31 Solar Panel

This handy, but not-so-little solar panel comes in quite handy.
It is quite heavy, but in car travel or Long distance biking it is just perfect.

It can't break and it is compatible with a lot of mobile phones.
Unfortunately it isn't compatible wit both my phones. But there is a silver lining for the more recent phones. It uses a USB-port as output. So even iphone, ipod and a lot of other things can easily be loaded.

The biggest minus will be: Not compatible with all phones and it is costly to order another one.
Also it would been nice if the powerbank had a bigger capacity.

3. Flexfoil Sting Kite (both 2,7 and 3,3 m²)

I bought this two nice kites for only €50. (Normally both of them cost like € 220 each).
The first time I used them I was suprised how easy they were to handle. Once you get the lines attached, it is so easy to get it up in the air.

Okay, you need some space the first time you want to attach the lines. But after that it is easy as pie.

One thing you need to know is, you got to watch out in stronger winds with big kites. you really have to use all your strength to keep it from flying away than.

Good luck



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